Money History Museum

Money History Museum, Africa show-case, ©Geldgeschichtliches Museum der Kreissparkasse Köln

Founded in 1954, the “Geldgeschichtliche Sammlung der Kreissparkasse Köln“ historical money collection that is run by the Cologne savings bank features the history of money as a whole in its cash hall at Neumarkt square: coins, banknotes, savings boxes, amulets, jewellery made of coins, equipment and pieces of jewellery which were used as means of payment by non-European cultures and much more. Displaying loans from private collectors or other museums, the semi-annual changing exhibitions “Das Fenster” have a resonance that goes far beyond Cologne’s borders.


With its exhibition of historical money, the Kreissparkasse Köln savings bank has an important share in Cologne’s cultural and museum landscape – in a field they are particularly well schooled in: money.



Money History Museum
Neumarkt 18-24
D - 50667 Cologne
+49 (0) 221.227 2370
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