Caffe Kiosk



Drinking hall/coffee shop
The Caffe Kiosk in the former gatehouse of the Felten & Guilleaume company exudes a 50s charm that is unrivalled in Cologne. The snacks are so popular, especially with the employees of the various neighbouring companies that have found space in the former quarters of the large cable manufacturer, that there is nothing left in the evening. Nevertheless, a bockwurst is always good and has an equally excellent reputation.

Visitors to concerts or events at the E-Werk or Palladium have to fall back on these when they get hungry before or after the show. Here, before or after the event begins, you can speculate and philosophise about what to expect or analyse and discuss what has been performed. As a result, a small crowd of people can often be found in front of the kiosk, whose appearance often provides information about the direction of the event or concert.

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The nearest stop is Keupstraße, which can be reached on line 4 of the Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe. From there it is about 400 metres on foot.


Getting there
Caffe Kiosk
Schanzenstraße 28
51063 Köln