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The Cologne lifestyle

Cologne is a feeling!

What do Cologne residents miss when they’re somewhere else? For some it’s the informal lifestyle, for others it’s the spires of the Cathedral, which welcome you home as you drive toward the city. Still others swear by Cologne’s unique Carnival, which exhilarates this metropolis on the Rhine year after year. Or by Kölsch, the only language you can also drink. Whichever it is, Cologne’s tolerant lifestyle can be felt like a heartbeat — in the city centre, on the go with people, at the various entertainment venues and as a guest at the highlights of our urban lifestyle.

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Pub Carnival in Cologne

Between Weiberfastnacht (the Women’s Carnival) and Rose Monday, Cologne is turned upside down. Especially in the city’s pubs, it’s party time! Many people consider this the “real” way to celebrate Carnival in Cologne.

Everyone has his or her own Carnival pub — and many people come to the same place in Cologne to celebrate year after year, depending on their individual taste. Some prefer the popular Carnival strongholds, while others head for the pubs they like best in their own neighbourhoods. Whatever they choose, they face long waiting times, but that’s just how it is — part of the experience. For visitors to Cologne and curious bystanders, it’s hard to decide where to go during Carnival. That’s why we’re offering a general overview here: Where can we go during Carnival in Cologne?