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Delight & Diversity

Going out, partying, practicing tolerance

Cologne has been a vibrant city ever since Roman times. And it’s one of Germany’s top cities when it comes to restaurants and party venues. In Cologne you can expect to experience a unique and varied food and dining culture that’s distributed across all of its neighbourhoods, ranging from Kölsch brewery restaurant culture with Rhineland Sauerbraten to temples of gourmet cuisine. Equally colourful are the events that enliven the city every year in connection with ColognePride. There are usually more than 100 events, during which the LGBTQIA+ community demonstrates its right to tolerance and peaceful coexistence. You may be wondering why this diversity is celebrated in Cologne in particular. It’s probably because diversity is a genuine part of our city. Cologne is home to people from 180 different nations and a bastion of gay and lesbian life. About 9% of its residents have a disabled person’s pass, and all of its age groups are growing at an equal pace. And because diversity is simply more fun.

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From rustic to sensuous — from elegant to wood-panelled

In more than 1,000 restaurants, Cologne’s chefs have created a flourishing gourmet and connoisseurs’ scene in this metropolis on the Rhine. The spectrum ranges from hearty dishes accompanied by a neat glass of Kölsch beer in one of Cologne’s brewery restaurants or a local neighbourhood pub to multi-star restaurants, innovative tastings at food happenings and the little restaurant around the corner. This unique culinary scene is also extraordinarily friendly — and it will certainly be the home of one of your favourite restaurants.

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Just pride…

CSD, the Bermuda Triangle, pink Carnival — Cologne’s international flair and its tolerance can be seen at events, during Carnival and along the weekend “party mile”. It’s popular with the LGBTQIA+ community because it’s a place that offers diverse perspectives. It’s also the venue of Europe’s third-biggest CSD Parade, with hundreds of events that promote more tolerance, diversity and joie de vivre.