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Glad to have you here

Cologne? In Germany’s fourth-largest city, there’s always something new to experience! What makes it different from other big cities? Let’s put it this way: Cologne is colourful, friendly and open, cosy and relaxed — not so much “on show” but rather more “backstage”. That’s partly due to the city’s size: it offers a vast array of experiences and evening events, but most of them are located only a stone’s throw apart. That makes it easy to plan an eventful evening. Another aspect of Cologne’s welcoming atmosphere is its friendly people and ample opportunities for communication — on the street, in the neighbourhoods or in a museum. Cologne is a place where a stranger buys you a beer and talks with you about everything under the sun, including this city.


What shall we do today?

Do you like excursions and going out? There’s a lot going on in Cologne every day — a  theatre play, a concert, a reading, an exhibition, festival days or one of the city’s annual highlights. Here you can find out about Cologne’s evergreens and its current event calendar.


Feel it: urban culture, fashion, food & art

Cologne is down to earth — and spontaneity is a feature of its urban scene. Its Büdchen, or local kiosk, culture helps you to share this feeling of Cologne’s city life — with a Kölsch beer to go, for instance. So do many other spots where Cologne reveals its authentic character. And of course that’s especially true during Carnival. But you can also experience the Kölsch feeling as you stroll through the city’s neighbourhoods or at its cultural festivals, where you’re sure to have many friendly encounters. Get to know the Cologne lifestyle…

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XXL anticipation of Xmas

The brightly illuminated Cathedral, a 25-metre-high Christmas tree, the smell of gingerbread and other Christmas treats in the midst of lively crowds — to judge from the visitor numbers, Germany’s most popular Christmas market is located right beside Cologne Cathedral. And this Christmas market is actually only one of many — so it's time to discover the others and get in the mood for the upcoming festive season.


Kölle alaaf — fun for everyone

Carnival in Cologne means having a good time together — across all generations. From 0 to 90 years old, everyone’s welcome. It’s a sure thing: the city-wide good vibes spread quickly — and they include our visitors. No one stays alone for long, because people are having a good time wherever you go. People dance, laugh and celebrate. For Carnival fans and everyone else, these six days are the “crazy season”

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