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The Protestant Immanuel Church, inaugurated in 2013, stands on the site of the demolished 'Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus' community centre and was built from various types of wood. It is an award-winning design, having received the Cologne Architecture Prize and the German Timber Construction Prize. Some of the furnishings were taken from the old Bonhoeffer House.

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The Immanuel Church is located in the Cologne-Stammheim district on the right bank of the Rhine and can be reached by public transport. It is right next to the bus stop 'Köln Stammheim Bonhoefferstr.', which is served by bus route 155 (coming from the S-Bahn stop 'Köln-Stammheim').

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Immanuel Church
Bonhoefferstraße 8
51061 Köln