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St Engelbert's Church was built in 1931/32 by Dominikus Böhm as a concrete building with brick cladding. It is a central building with a circular floor plan, which is divided into eight parts. Each circular segment is closed off from the outside by a parabolic shield wall, into each of which a round window is integrated. In general, the parabola can be found in many elements of the building. The roof is pulled down along the shield walls deep into the subdividing struts. This sight gave the church the popular name "lemon squeezer". Inside, the star-shaped dome, which is formed by the ribbed struts of the roof, is impressive. The use of light devised by Böhm is also impressive: the congregation room is bathed in a rather colourful light, while the choir room, which protrudes from the central building, is brightly lit from the side by a window. The interior is dominated by works by the artist Hildegard Domizlaff, while the entrance portals are by Leonhard Karl. The original altar, however, is a work by Böhm himself. 

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St. Engelbert is located in the Riehl district to the north of the city centre. It is 500 metres by public transport from the 'Kinderkrankenhaus' tram stop, which is served by line 16. Alternatively, you can take bus 140 from Ebertplatz to 'Riehler Gürtel'. From the bus stop it is 300 metres to the church.


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St. Engelbert
Riehler Gürtel 23 / Garthestraße 15
50735 Köln