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Guided tours & experiences in Cologne

Discover Cologne with us!

Cologne offers tourists a broad palette of pleasures, ranging from a tour of Cologne’s brewery restaurants to a city sightseeing tour or a look underground. Talking about guided tours. They let you experience the metropolis on the Rhine and its culture from every possible perspective — by day or by night — on a nightwatchman tour, for example. Guided tours can be public or in small groups, on foot or via bus, ship or mini-train, through the history of Cologne Cathedral or 2,000 years of urban history or right through Cologne’s notorious breweries. Select the guided tour that suits you best — or simply enjoy a number of the diverse tours we offer. Each one will give you an immersive Cologne experience.

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Cathedral tours

Guided tours around the Cologne Cathedral

Experience Cologne Cathedral from different perspectives during a guided cathedral tour.


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