Carnival fountain



The carnival fountain created in 1913 by the Cologne artist Georg Grasegger is a dedication to the carnival.

The dancing couples depicted represent the farm labourers and maids who represent the peasantry during carnival. The putto is enthroned on the fountain, beating a drum and smoking a pipe. The pipe refers to the sponsor of the child figure, the neighbouring former tobacco factory Haus Neuerburg.

Finally, the fountain is adorned with a poem by Goethe, which reveals the poet's ambivalent relationship to the carnival activities. In the context of the fountain, Goethe's lines suggest that there is a carnival that is less orderly and tidy than the depiction of the fountain conveys and urges moderation. Even after more than 100 years, the carnival fountain embodies the question of how excessive the carnival activities can be.

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Parking facilities

The fountain is located in the centre of Cologne in the immediate vicinity of the town hall. The Rathaus stop, which can be reached by tram line 5, is the closest.


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Carnival fountain
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