Dionysus Fountain



Somewhat hidden, in front of the tunnel entrance Am Domhof under the east side of the Domplatte, the bronze sculpture of the Greek god Dionysus graces the concrete-heavy surroundings. Created by Karl Burgeff in 1973, the curvaceously shaped god of festivities and wine is in a contorted position that is half sitting, half reclining, and directs his gaze up to the sky, lost in thought.

The god depicted here as a sculpture is a modern counterpart to the mosaic in the Roman-Germanic Museum. There, Dionysus is the central motif of the mosaic of the same name around which the museum building was erected. Even if there is no direct connection, it is somewhere fitting that homage is paid to the ancient deity in Cologne, since to a certain extent the bacchanalia of ancient Rome continued in today's carnival.

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Parking facilities

The Dionysos Fountain is located in the immediate vicinity of Cologne's main railway station. This makes it easily accessible by public transport.


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Dionysus Fountain
Am Domhof
50667 Köln