Römergrab Weiden



Archaeological site
In the far west of Cologne's urban area, one of the absolute highlights of ancient Cologne can be visited. The Römergrab (Roman grave) in Weiden is considered the best-preserved burial chamber north of the Alps. This is where wealthy landowners once buried their family members, which today allows us to immerse ourselves in their world.

The superstructure and the keeper's house are now also of architectural interest, as they are the first examples of 19th-century monument preservation. The former Cologne Cathedral master builder Ernst Friedrich Zwirner was involved in the construction of the complex, which closes the circle back to the centre of Cologne. The Warden's House also functions as a "place of learning" and takes visitors back to the time of ancient Cologne.

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Parking facilities

The nearest public transport stop is called Weiden Römergrab and can be reached with line 1. The distance from the stop to the Römergrab itself is about 200 metres.

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Price adult: €5.00
Price reduced: €3.50


Getting there
Römergrab Weiden
Aachener Straße 1328
50859 Köln