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Only two relatively small elements of the former Roman north gate of the Roman city wall remain. The archway is in the Romano-Germanic Museum, the Roman archway is on the cathedral plateau. This was merely the small, eastern side entrance for pedestrians. Originally, it belonged to a city gate that was about 30.50 m wide and had two towers. The central, large passage measured 5.60 m in width and was secured by a portcullis, which can still be traced today by a groove in the arch.

The exact time of origin and the original height cannot be traced, but the gate was used as a portal to the cathedral surroundings long after antiquity. Accordingly, it was long referred to as the Pfaffenpforte. It was finally demolished in 1826 after it was decided to widen the streets in the nearby area. Subsequently, the lateral archway was preserved and changed its place several times until finally, with the construction of the Domplatte, the present location was found, almost on the site of the original.

For information purposes, there is a plaque on the cathedral slab that shows us the Roman city wall on today's cityscape. Another plaque next to the archway again points to the possible original shape of the Roman Gate.

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The Römertorbogen is located in front of the west façade of Cologne Cathedral. This makes it easily accessible in the immediate centre of the city, not far from the main railway station.


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