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A gigantic park just a few minutes from the city centre

Meadows for picnics, ponds for boating, groves, forests and trees, the twitter of birds — like all city dwellers, the people of Cologne sometimes need to take a break from the urban hustle and bustle. In the nearby Stadtwald in the Lindenthal district they have plenty of opportunities to breathe fresh air, relax and go for walks on 200 hectares planted with native beech, linden, sycamore and oak trees. 
From Rudolfplatz in the city centre, the Stadtwald can be reached in less than ten minutes via tram plus a few minutes’ walk.

Meadows, pools, forests and wild animals

This extensive park was designed by the city’s Garden Director Adolf Kowallek at the end of the 19th century and subsequently expanded and supplemented again and again. As a result, today it offers many meadow areas, forest groves, a big and a small pond, canals, bridges, playgrounds and a small zoo. 
[H2] At the centre of the Stadtwald: the Lindenthal Zoo
The zoo in the Stadtwald has existed for more than 100 years, initially with only a few animal species. Today you can see more than 250 animals up close, ranging from guinea fowl to Highland cattle. Many of the animals can roam freely — inside a fenced enclosure. 

The ideal setting, free admission and the environmentally friendly concept make the zoo a popular leisure destination. A visit to the zoo can be easily combined with other activities in the Stadtwald, such as a pedal boat ride. 

Dragon, flamingo or unicorn? A ride in a pedal boat in Cologne’s Stadtwald

On the Kahnweiher pond, you can enjoy a refreshing boat ride in a fantastic beast of your choice or a simple boat without any fancy touches. The opening times vary according to the weather, so take a look at the Facebook page of the pedal boat rental station before you set out. There are additional opportunities to enjoy a boat ride at the Decksteiner Weiher.

The RAF memorial in the Stadtwald

The Stadtwald reveals its less idyllic side at a spot near the Friedrich-Schmidt-Straße. Here a memorial stone reminds passersby of the “German Autumn” and the attack by Red Army Faction (RAF) terrorists on September 5, 1977, in which Hanns Martin Schleyer was kidnapped and later murdered and his driver and bodyguards died in a hail of bullets. This too is part of the history of the Stadtwald and of Cologne.

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Stadtbahn line 1, stops Eupener Straße, Clarenbachstift or Maarweg
City railway lines 1, 7 and 13, Aachener Straße/Gürtel stop

Bus line 136, bus stop Dürener Straße/Gürtel
Bus line 140, bus stop Aachener Straße/Gürtel

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Dogs are not allowed in the zoo.


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