Decksteiner Weiher




An outing in nature with minigolf, a restaurant, and pedal boats

Getting out of the city, diving into the woods and relaxing under shady trees in the summer: Decksteiner Weiher, an idyllic lake, offers ducks, pedal boats, a restaurant ideal for an excursion, and other activities. It’s located six kilometres from the Cathedral as the crow flies and can be quickly reached by tram in about 30 minutes.

The park around the lake consists of two parts and a connecting canal between them that is lined with chestnut trees. In the summer, the many trees form a thick green roof. It’s delightful to relax under this canopy, whether you’re recovering from a shopping tour on Schildergasse or a marathon visit to the museums in Cologne.

Walking around Decksteiner Weiher

A walk around the entire lake, including the canal, is about six kilometres long. It takes you through meadows, along the walkway lined by chestnut trees, and along forest paths with a view of the water. You can start your walking tour in the north from Bachemer Landstraße or in the south from Berrenrather Straße or Geißbockheim.

Fort VI in Deckstein

Decksteiner Weiher, which covers about 20 hectares, was created at the end of the 1920s as part of the restructuring of the former ring of fortifications around Cologne. At the level of Gleueler Straße, which crosses the canal, you can make a detour from your walking tour to look at Fort VI, which was built in 1873 during the Prussian era and still exists today. The fort complex and the rock garden are worth a visit. If you’re interested in fortification architecture, bunkers and similar structures in Cologne, you may find a tour you like at

The 'Haus am See' at Decksteiner Weiher: a café and restaurant

The Haus am See is a good place to take a break for coffee and cake or more substantial fare. It’s located on the banks of Decksteiner Weiher near Bachemer Straße. From the terrace of the restaurant, which has been family-owned since 1982, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the lake. Directly next to the restaurant is a minigolf course and the pedal boat rental station.

Decksteiner Weiher at the weekend

Because of the park’s excellent location and recreational layout, the paths around Decksteiner Weiher are used by many joggers, walkers, cyclists, dog owners and families on a daily basis and during their leisure time. On sunny days and at the weekend, the park may even be a bit crowded.

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Parking facilities

You can reach the Decksteiner Weiher by tram line 13 (Sülzgürtel stop) or tram line 18 (Klettenbergpark stop).


Getting there
Decksteiner Weiher
Gleueler Straße
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