Ubier Monument



Archaeological site
The oldest evidence of ancient buildings in Cologne can be found underground. The Ubier Monument, which was originally a tower at least 12 metres high, is likely to have been part of the fortifications of the Oppidum Ubiorum, the city of the Ubians.

Later, when Cologne was elevated to the status of a city, the Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, in 50 AD, the tower was integrated into the new city wall. Wooden piles were driven into the ground to secure the foundations in the silty soil on the banks of the Rhine. Based on dendrochronological examinations of the wooden piles, it was possible to determine that the piles were felled around 4th/5th BC. This means that the Ubier Monument can be dated to this period.

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Parking facilities

The Ubier Monument is in the immediate vicinity of Heumarkt, which is very well connected to public transport. Various KVB lines (1, 5, 7, 9) run to Heumarkt station. The entrance to the Ubier Monument is somewhat inconspicuous, marked by a silver pillar and a silver plaque above the entrance.


Getting there
Ubier Monument
An der Malzmühle 1
50676 Köln