Liebe deine Stadt



street art/ art in public space
Since 2005, the lettering "Liebe deine Stadt" (Love your city) has been emblazoned in the middle of the city centre above the subway of Cologne's Nord-Süd-Fahrt and towers over its subway in the vicinity of Offenbachplatz.

The Central Square is an architectural contemporary witness of the reconstruction and therefore does not only find positive resonance. When, at the turn of the century, buildings of this era began to be questioned and demolished, the artist Merlin Bauer took the decision to influence the debate and the process through art. The imperative of the lettering refers to the identity-forming function of this architecture, which is related to the redesign of the urban space during the reconstruction after the Second World War.

The most prominent example on site is the Cologne Opera House by Wilhelm Riphahn. The building would probably have fallen victim to the wrecking ball without the intervention of a citizens' petition under the motto "Courage for Art". This shows directly that Merlin Bauer's request was complied with and that architecture is being preserved that may only be beautiful at second glance, but certainly has significance against its contemporary historical background.

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The artwork Liebe deine Stadt is located in the city centre of Cologne and is within walking distance of Cologne Central Station. The distance is approx. 1 km. Near the artwork is also the stop Appellhofplatz, which is served by lines 3, 4, 16, 18 of the Cologne public transport system.

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