Rose Garden at Fort X




An enchanted place full of beautiful roses and history

Huge high walls, overgrown with lush greenery. A hidden playground can be glimpsed, as can a bench under shady trees. There’s also a basketball hoop, which is attached to masonry by thick screws. Finally, behind a gate, is a path that winds its way to a Garden of Eden. But unlike Eden, this garden is full of roses. And there is something else that is special about this place: the peace and quiet that reigns here, despite its close proximity to the multi-lane Innere Kanalstraße.

One could say that although Fort X is no longer an insider tip, it still offers space for those who need some distance from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but don’t want to venture far from the downtown area. Moreover, the rose garden here is a veritable gem. Please note that the rose garden is closed in winter. Access via the large gate — the “Enveloppen Thor” — is only possible during the day.

On historical terrain of the Prussian era

The rose garden covers an area of about 2 hectares and is located on the grounds of the historic Fort X in Cologne’s Agnes district, about 3 kilometres as the crow flies from Cologne Cathedral. It can be reached by tram in about 15 minutes.

Fort X was part of a ring of fortifications that used to surround Cologne. Originally built in the 19th century, the fort now provides a unique backdrop for the rose garden, which, with its fragrant blossoms and manicured greenery, serves as a hidden oasis of relaxation on sunny days.

Cologne’s rose garden: Adenauer’s legacy

When you stroll through the garden, you will see about 2,000 roses from around 40 different varieties. Along the symmetrically laid out paths, benches invite visitors to linger and enjoy the flowers’ splendour. Alternatively, you can take a seat in the rose pavilion.

You can admire both historical rose species and modern varieties, which bloom in different shapes and colours. The garden’s elevated location ensures that the sun shines here even in autumn — and access is barrier-free as well.

By the way, Cologne owes the roses in Fort X, and the entire rose garden, to Konrad Adenauer, who was mayor of Cologne and a self-confessed rose lover.

Fort X — the best preserved Prussian fort of the inner chain of fortifications

When visiting the rose garden, it is also worthwhile to take a look at the historic Fort X. The 19th century fortification is still well preserved and provides insights into the architecture and history of the city of Cologne.

The fort was built by Prussia. It was threatened with demolition after World War I. However, the people of Cologne managed to preserve the complex and to transform it into a green fort from 1919 onwards. This means that the rose garden has been around for about 100 years. In World War II, the fort received two direct hits and was inhabited by bombed-out families after hostilities ceased. The last resident of Fort X died in 2011.

Relaxation for adults, playgrounds for children

Fort X also has three playgrounds for children of different ages. You will also find a skate park in the direction of Lentpark, where there is a swimming pool and a natural outdoor pool. The proximity to the Agnesviertel quarter and the lively Nippes neighbourhood guarantees that you will find numerous cafés and restaurants if you didn’t bring a picnic lunch to the park.

Culinary delights and a park — the area around the rose garden

Incidentally, the rose garden and Fort X are themselves located in a generously landscaped park of almost 98 hectares. The park offers plenty of opportunities for extended walks or picnics. Near this park are also several cafés and restaurants in the Agnesviertel quarter.

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The walk from the stop Reichenspergerplatz (Tram: 16, 18) to the Rosengarten takes about 7 minutes.


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