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Following a stroll through the narrow alleys of Bonn’s Old Town, you will have been captivated by the charm of this 2,000-year-old city. It was certainly not least the remarkable residence character which even today is a major factor in the city. Under the Wittelsbacher Elector Princes and Cologne archbishops Joseph Clemens and Clemens August, the imposing Town Hall was built as well as the residential palaces which are still used today as university buildings. In 1770, Bonn’s most famous son also saw the light of the world for the first time: Ludwig von Beethoven. At the age of only 14, he already played the organ at the court of Elector Clemens August. The house in which Beethoven was born has served for more than a hundred years as a museum for the renowned musician. Only a few yards away, the Romanesque Minster St. Cassius and Florentius dominates the Münsterplatz. By coach you can also visit the – in the meantime – historic venues of Federal German politics. Passing by the House of German History – incidentally, Adenauer’s official car is still parked there – you can see the last parliamentary assembly hall, now a congress centre, and other former government buildings such as the “Langer Eugen” or some former embassy buildings, but also a few ministries which still operate in Bonn.

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City tour of Bonn
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