Guided tour inside the German Sport & Olympia Museum



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We take you from Greek antiquity, through the German gymnastics movement and English sport to the great athletes of today. A game of football on Cologne's highest sports field or would you rather ride a round of racing bikes in the wind tunnel? This museum is really sporty, passivity is out of place here. You can understand the passage of time perfectly: to get back into the ancient Greek athletics, you can do a short sprint on the treadmill. Outstanding sporting events of the past 200 years will be brought to life for you on a timeline. Finally, you can see Boris Becker's legendary tennis racket, which he smashed at the Australian Open in Melbourne, a Wimbledon bowl by Steffi Graf or a shoe by Michael Schumacher. 

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Wednesday, the 01.01.2025

00:00 until 20.05.2037 00:00

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Guided tour inside the German Sport & Olympia Museum
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