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Le Tour Belgique

Shopping, culinary pleasure, culture

It’s not an auto race through the Ardennes region of Belgium, it’s not a bicycle tour of Belgian chip stands, and it’s not an organized round trip through Belgium all the way to the coast — Le Tour Belgique is a Cologne event through and through. It’s a popular shopping event that takes place in the heart of the cathedral city. To put it another way, it’s an event held in the lively, urban-hip Belgian Quarter with its bustling thoroughfares and enchanting little back streets.

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One day, many events throughout the Belgian Quarter

The all-day event known as Le Tour Belgique is always worth the effort. It takes you to a multitude of cafés, small businesses, shops and galleries that are located close together in this popular neighbourhood like pearls on a string. Later on in the evening, the programme continues unabated in the neighbourhood’s bars and restaurants.

Le Tour Belgique: A tour de culture with live acts, concerts and more

The whole district pulsates with energy during Le Tour Belgique. That’s because extended shopping hours and a broad spectrum of events — such as live acts, concerts, exhibitions, readings, fashion shows, performances, theatre and workshops inside the shops — spread lots of fun and high spirits throughout the neighbourhood. During Le Tour Belgique, even more people than usual are circulating through this popular quarter of Cologne.

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One night, one quarter, one tour” has been the motto of Le Tour Belgique since 2011

Le Tour Belgique has been held every year in Cologne since 2011. The organizer and initiator of the event is Philipp Treudt, the owner of the café-bar “Zum scheuen Reh” (The Shy Deer) and the Kölsch bar “Im Schnörres” (The Mustache) in the Südstadt district. His aim is “to combine commerce, art and culture in a good way”.

Discovering new places, shops and experiences

In most years, more than 40 venues in the Belgian Quarter participate in Le Tour Belgique, presenting between 50 and 60 events in all. That certainly makes it easy for you as a visitor to discover new favourite places and round off your day at an evening or late-night event after filling your market basket with lots of great experiences.

Our tip: Enjoy Le Tour Belgique in the way that best suits your taste. You can simply set off in any direction, stop off someplace and then continue to stroll around. Or you can take a look at the programme or the schedule ahead of time on the website of Le Tour Belgique if you want to experience the tour and the events in a very focused way.

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